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Platform Defense: Wave 1000 F


★★ Super Awesome game! ★★★★ Brand new type of game play! ★★★ You should really try this game :D ★Can you be the hero? Monsters are kidnapping people! You are the only one left.
Defend yourself against monsters. And survive through 100 waves!
- Special heros to unlock- Source pans to shoot- Unique traps to place- All different elemental monsters to DEFEAT!
Trap Description- Spike: Gives damage to enemies that step on.- Freezer: Freezes enemies that are in front of it when it opens .(Ice element)- Wall: Stops enemies for a while.- Wall Spike: Attacks slowly but gives heavy damage.- Flask: 1 time use bomb.- Gas Burner: Fire damage to enemies that step on.(Fire element)- Spike Drop: Spike drops are falling on enemies' head.- Bomb: Blows after a second when a enemy touches it.- Ice ball: Fires an ice ball. (Ice element)- Boulder: Press enemies so that they can move for a while.- Fire: Upgrade version of Gas Burner(Fire elemenet)- Big Hand: Push enemies to a lower level.
Element description- Fire: Gives 2x damages when enemies start to burn. Gives damages gradually until the fire is extinguished.- Ice: Freezes enemies and extinguishes fire.
Next Update:- Antiaircraft gun- Achievement- Friends to fight together
※ Free version includes the minimum ads to maintains the game※ Free version does not have 2x play function.※ Free version does not have the cloud save function.※ Free version does not have coin doubler.
※ It would be wise to get a paid version if you think you will enjoy this game so much :)
* Permission NoticeThis game requires READ/WRITE to your storage to save/load scores.